Friday, December 22, 2006

virtual chef

I like Dave Snowden's recipe book user vs. Chef metaphor so much that I just copy and paste from one of his recent blog entries :
"A recipe book user will want your kitchen to be properly equipped with everything in the right place and proportions and all the ingredients neatly arranged in small bowls on the work surface before they even start to cook a meal. The Chef, who knows, will take what ever you have available and make it into a wonderful meal."

Yet: modern technology can help stupid non-Chefs to act AS IF they were experienced: lets you enter what you have available, and then gives a recipe that takes into account these current constraints.

Which leads to the question: Does the (a, any) tool make you MORE intelligent - allowing you to achieve more; or LESS intelligent - because the success is achieved by the prosthetic device, not by the naked youman being.


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