Monday, March 05, 2007

Blogs that make me think

No, Dave Snowden did not tag me. I would not have liked that. He invited people, and I was hooked.
So Q.E.D. - one of these blogs that make me think - and act(?) is , but I'm not sure if passing the meme back is appropriate.
Thus, five others:
- We make money not art ; Regine's worldview is very different from mine: art, not business ; esthetics, not pragmatism. It's a life I'd like to live if I had a second one.
- Bruno Giussani's : People, places, technologies and ideas from a very Swiss European Worldwide perspective.
- Dana Blankenhorn helps me to understand the world of the critical, moderately conservative US , the approach to politics, business, the idea of always-on and how the individual relates to society - a society which is quite different from the one that I experience.
- Athanasium Kircher Society is just weird and fun and extreme and inspiring - yesteryear's future. Before steampunk (memedropping just for the fun of doing it).
- Peter Rost's Question Authority - Ego the size of a planet, ex-Pharmacia, ex-Pfizer executive whistleblower, with challenging ideas about (my) industry. He just stopped blogging because he want to focus on his movie - about his book - no, latest news, he's on again: claims to be addicted. That's what he says now. Let's see tomorrow.


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