Tuesday, March 15, 2005

borgification into the overmind

when (if?) we're all connected, is this good or bad? Wetmachine's John (Sundman) and Stearns debate about Inventing the Future: connectivity and freedom.
My 2cents, of course: who is we?

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

We're all sinners

... if we sing the song "happy birthday" in public without making sure that the royalties go to the legal owner of the song (check poor Time Warner's share price). Thanks to http://www.unhappybirthday.com for that important information. And now that you know it, please make sure that all your friends know it, too. Spread the meme. Do it. Now. Go! Don't waste any time here at EvilKM.

Go away!

Do you want to continue infringing Intellectual (??) Property Rights? Welcome at EvilKM. Continue to do so, sabotage innovation (remember what Intellectual Property Rights were invented for), and make the world an evil place.

Let someone else do the linking

like, for instance, Google Toolbar. It's autolink feature claims that ISBN numbers refer to Amazon, and even BoingBoing applauds: "...like a beloved butler...". Reminds me of the weird 1986 cult movie "Link", where an OrangUtan serving as butler gets evil. Very Good. Let THEM do the linking, let others do the thinking. And let ME do your eating.
More explicitely: it helps THEM establishing the ASIN. The one for Link (the movie, not the hyperlink), is B00005KHJN . And the link (the hyperlink, not the movie) is http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00005KHJN/ . Guess what the "A" in ASIN stands for? Right (check the AMZN current share price to find out why this is a good idea). And guess what the "I" in ISBN stands for? "International". Public property. A stupid idea from old Europe.